Daniel Thomas

Daniel Thomas is a research associate with MVC.

The MVC is pleased to announce the creation of virtual workgroups focused on congestive heart failure (CHF) readmissions. Over a quarter of the hospitals in the state expressed interest in participating in this innovative format, and we are very excited to get started!

The primary goal of these workgroups is to provide hospital leaders with a highly accessible platform to share best practices and gain a better understanding of current issues facing hospitals throughout the state of Michigan. We believe that through sharing unique ideas and experiences, we can move towards our goal of improving the cost and quality of care throughout Michigan. The first workgroups will focus on CHF readmissions. While much expertise exists amongst MVC members regarding CHF readmissions, there are currently no venues to share ideas or discuss challenges. During the planned workgroup discussions, hospital leaders will discuss root causes, knowledge gained, and collaborate in addressing the challenges faced in ongoing and current initiatives.

CHF readmissions were chosen as the topic because hospitals across the state are already working to reduce readmissions due to congestive heart failure. This patient population is also important for the following reasons:

  1. Approximately 15% of heart failure patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge[1]
  2. Readmissions due to heart failure after hospitalization are costly and unpleasant for patients
  3. Hospitals are penalized for heart failure readmissions under the Medicare Hospital Readmission Reduction Program

We hope that giving hospitals a platform in which to share their ideas and challenges faced will help to spread adoption of best practices across the state. After the workgroups are completed, the MVC will develop and share with the collaborative a summary document detailing the findings, including innovative ideas and best practices for reducing CHF readmissions.

Due to the large number of responses, we will have multiple workgroups on CHF readmissions, with the first one starting August 17th. If you are still interested in participating and did not contact MVC, please email Daniel Thomas to participate in these virtual workgroups. Stay tuned to the blog for updates on the workgroups!

We look forward to getting started and working to improve the continuum of care across Michigan!

[1] http://content.onlinejacc.org/article.aspx?articleid=1481163

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