Maya is a Research Associate with the Michigan Value Collaborative.

We at the MVC Coordinating Center hope you had a lovely holiday season, and are ready for an exciting 2017. We are certainly excited to see what hospitals in Michigan do this year to innovate and improve the continuum of patient care.

Updates to the blog

In 2017, the MVC blog will undergo a bit of a makeover.  Every week, we’ll be posting valuable stories related to topics Michigan providers and healthcare professionals care about, including: New CMS initiatives, socio-economic challenges and solutions, Michigan hospital initiatives, and how to integrate clinical quality data from other CQIs with MVC’s data.  Keep an eye out for these and other brief, relevant stories that will help keep you up-to-date.

MVC Registry Feedback

We also want to thank everyone who gave us feedback on the MVC Registry last year.  We truly value your feedback and want to work with you to create the best tool we can.  In response to MVC member requests, we will be making the following changes in the coming months:

More comparison groups

Soon, you’ll be able to compare your hospital to:

  • Hospitals of a similar bed size
  • Hospitals in the same region
  • Hospitals in the same P4P cohort
  • Hospitals that are in the top-performing decile

More patient-level filters

Filters that will be added to our reports include:

  • Comorbidities, including: Diabetes, COPD, and CHF
  • Age
  • Gender

Other planned enhancements to data and reporting capabilities

  • Combined Medicare and BCBSM data
  • Addition of Medicaid data
  • Readmission rates from SNFs you work with

Questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you!  You can comment on this article, or use the form at the bottom of the page.