Deby Evans

Deby Evans is MVC’s site engagement manager.

The Michigan Value Collaborative has completed another round of virtual peer-to-peer workgroups on CHF readmission reduction, and we are very excited to share the results.  Previous articles published on MVC’s CHF workgroups can be found here and here.

Each of the participating hospitals shared their experiences with their CHF readmission reduction initiatives, from how they started collecting data and identifying root causes to designing initiatives and their results. There was a lot of great dialogue, discussion and sharing of information and ideas between the hospitals, and MVC has now created the Heart Failure Readmission Toolkit v2.0 that will shortly be available to all MVC members. The toolkit summarizes common root causes, initiatives implemented to address the root causes at the participating hospitals, as well as common overall themes that are seen in the initiatives.

You must be an MVC participant to download the toolkit, which will be posted on the data registry under the resources tab by Friday January 13th. Alternatively you may email Deby Evans to receive a copy of the Heart Failure Readmission Toolkit v2.0.

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