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How Michigan can be the best in CHF readmissions

Deby Evans

Deb Evans is the MVC Site Engagement Manager

Last November, the Michigan Value Collaborative (MVC) launched its goal to work together to be number one in the country for CHF readmissions. MVC hospitals have shared best practices and challenges with one another through workgroups, toolkits and blogs to collaboratively meet this goal.  In addition to learning from one another, there is information to be gained in how hospitals outside of Michigan are addressing readmissions.

A report from the Commonwealth Fund titled “Reducing Hospital Readmissions: Lessons from Top-Performing Hospitals” identified quality improvement strategies implemented with measurable impacts on reducing readmissions. One of the hospitals studied is in Utah, which currently has the lowest CHF readmission rate in the nation according to CMS Hospital Compare.  According to the study, successful quality improvement strategies included incorporating evidence-based practice into daily protocols, standardizing procedures along with information gathering, providing feedback and supporting clinical decisions through electronic information systems.

Specific initiatives underway include:

Providing clinically excellent patient care with a focus on patient safety. Doing this leads to a fall in readmission rates, improvement in quality measures and savings are realized as a byproduct.

Using information technologies as tools that improve quality, integrate care and ease patient transitions.

Early involvement of case management and discharge planning.

Targeting high risk patients and ensuring frequent communication across the whole care team.

Teaching patients and families how to manage their conditions.

Maintaining a life-line with high risk patients after discharge.

Aligning the efforts of hospital and community providers to ease transitions across care settings.

The authors noted that hospital environments played a role in each facility’s ability to reduce admissions. Specifically, the success of the initiatives were influenced by policy environment, local health care markets, association with an integrated health system and the priorities set by hospital leaders.

Many of the programs implemented by the top performing hospitals are similar to initiatives discussed by the MVC CHF readmission workgroup. For more information on the workgroup or toolkit, please contact Deby ( ) or Abeer ( ).

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Heart Failure Readmission Workgroup: Update #1

Daniel Thomas

Daniel Thomas is a research associate with MVC.

The MVC conducted its first CHF readmission reduction workgroup session with an amazing group of participants from a variety of hospitals. We had a very thorough discussion on the root causes of CHF readmissions, and these were the 4 major root causes seen across all participating hospitals.

We will be having another session with the same group of hospitals focusing specifically on their CHF readmission reduction initiatives, and we are eager to see how these hospitals have designed processes to combat these root causes.

With many hospitals still remaining on the CHF readmission reduction workgroup waiting list (email Daniel Thomas to join!), the list of root causes and best practices will be updated as we hear from more hospitals, so stay tuned to the blog for more updates!

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