MVC’s heart failure workgroup met last week to discuss readmissions from skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), and what is being done at each hospital to address this issue.

As part of the discussion, the coordinating center provided an analysis of readmissions from SNFs using blinded MVC data.  This analysis identified that the most common diagnoses upon readmission were those related to heart failure (46% of readmissions), followed by septicemia (9.8% of readmissions).  Considerable variation in readmission rate was seen amongst SNFs, as well as between MVC hospitals.

A review of the literature was also presented.  This review identified existing interventions that have had success in reducing readmissions from SNFs, and identified important components of successful interventions.  The two intervention strategies presented were: Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers (INTERACT) and Project ReEngineered Discharge (RED).  For more information on these resources, follow the weblinks below:


Project RED

The data review and literature review may be downloaded here.

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